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- Who am I? - 

LaToya Powell, known as Toi Powell in the literary world, reigns as the visionary creator behind the captivating Blood of a Queen trilogy. The saga commenced in 2016 with the debut of "Blood of a Queen: Book 1," followed by the enthralling sequel, "A King’s Ransom," in 2020.


Fusing a mosaic of talents spanning design, project management, and music, Toi orchestrated an unparalleled reader journey with the launch of her novels. Crafting exquisite book covers became an interactive spectacle as she invited readers to choose their favorites. Adding a symphonic layer to her literary world, she composed and produced the evocative "Blood of a Queen" soundtrack, now gracing major streaming platforms. This harmonious fusion of music and literature culminated in a book launch event, sponsored by Fiverr, where Toi mesmerized audiences by performing her melodic creations.


But Toi Powell's artistic prowess doesn't halt with writing. She emerges as a multifaceted artist—a singer, songwriter, and content architect—leveraging her digital ingenuity to curate an unforgettable experience for her readers. Seamlessly blending high-quality digital content with her literary opuses, she weaves an immersive tapestry that transcends the boundaries of traditional storytelling.


Pioneering the convergence of literature and technology, Toi ingeniously integrated 3D augmentation onto her book covers and promotional materials, setting the stage for this groundbreaking tech era. Inviting readers to unlock a digital universe, scanning the book cover reveals a treasure trove of virtual elements: from social media links to websites, the enthralling "BOAQ" music video, and a captivating vlog chronicling her maiden voyage as an author.


Beyond the pages, Toi Powell thrives on connecting with her audience. Her presence has graced esteemed venues like Barnes & Noble, BookCon in New York City, and the illustrious Circle of Sisters event, fostering intimate connections with her devoted readership.


Currently nestled in the vibrant tapestry of New Jersey alongside her husband, Toi Powell continues to paint vivid literary landscapes, effortlessly merging creativity with technology to enchant and captivate audiences worldwide.

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